Prom Dresses with Sleeves

Prom dresses with sleeves break the rule of contrasts in terms of fashion. A lot of people use this kind of thinking: if you wear a long skirt, wear a sleeveless top; if you wear shorts, wear a long sleeved top. It’s not a real fashion rule but it’s something that’s nice to keep in mind when trying to balance your outfit.

Of course, when it comes to formal wear like a prom or a ball, you really need to maintain certain appropriateness. Tube dresses or sleeveless dresses are very popular and you’ll notice this when looking for formal wear. The thing with these kinds of dresses is that they’re more versatile in terms of sizes because there’s one less element to think about; the shoulder. Women’s clothes are difficult to simply categorize in small, medium, large and extra-large because women come in different shapes. We have hourglass figure, slender, thin, apple shaped, pear shaped and others. This is the reason it’s hard for a lot of women to shop off-the-racks. So, sleeveless dresses give better opportunity for more women to wear the dress because finding a perfect fit for the shoulder area can be challenging.

long prom dresses with sleeves

Buying prom dresses with sleeves

Should you want to use a prom dress with sleeves, make sure you choose a design or style that will fit perfectly on your shoulders. An ill-fitted dress is easy to spot and will be very uncomfortable. But anyway, there are different type of sleeves you can choose from so you still get a lot of choices if you know where to shop.

prom dresses with sleeves

The pros of wearing a sleeved dress during a formal event is that you don’t need to bring an extra shawl or jacket to keep you warm during the night. Prom dresses with sleeves are perfect if you want to minimize the things you bring with you.



Maternity Formal Dresses

Formal events or occasion will go on even when you think you don’t have a dress to wear because you’re pregnant. This is what maternity formal dresses are for. Yes, you heard that right. Fashion designers have taken pregnancy into the equation and are making more stylish dresses for soon-to-be mothers.

The most difficult clothes to find in the market are clothes for plus size and pregnant women. While we have a few clothing brands dedicated to plus size clothing and maternity clothing, it’s still not enough. For some brands, they’re pretty expensive, not to mention, exclusive which makes it difficult for average earning women to get a hold of their products. So, if you’re pregnant and attending a formal event, here are tips you can use to still look fabulous even with your baby bump.

maternity formal dresses

How to shop for maternity formal dresses

This is applicable whether your baby bump is still unnoticeable or even when it looks like a watermelon about to burst. Stick to empire-waisted dresses. This is not just for style but also for the comfort of you and your baby. You want to stay away from constricting dress designs because it will be very uncomfortable for you and your little angel in the tummy.

formal maternity dresses

Go for chiffon if possible because it’s breezy and flows over your skin. You don’t have to worry about looking like a deformed person with it because it follows your body shape. Pair it with flats but choose dazzling colors like gold or silver to make up for the lack of height or heels. As for hairstyle and makeup, don’t overdo it. Go natural and wear a loose updo or leave your hair down. You’d be better being comfortable during the event than constantly stressing if you’re lipstick is off. When shopping for maternity formal dresses, put comfort first before anything else.

Blue Ball Gown

Wearing a blue ball gown to a formal event is not something we see all the time from guests. Traditional and safe colors to wear to formal occasions are black and white, gray and sometimes, cream or peach. Blue is not as daring as wearing red but the good thing about wearing blue to formal events is that it causes the opposite reactions that a red dress can make.

A red ball gown or evening gown can give off an impression of dominance and power while a blue dress creates a peaceful and tranquil effect. Now, you choose. Would you want guests to stare at you but not approach or would you rather have people approach you and have fun through the event. Red can be very bold which is why it’s a risky color to go for if you don’t know how to carry the color with your personality. Blue, on the other hand is more versatile.

blue ball gown dresses

Reasons why a blue ball gown is a good option:

Red dresses elicit a limited response from other people. Either they look at you in awe and appreciation or they see you as a threat and feel insecure. It’s a good or bad situation and it is one way or the other. When wearing blue, you’ve got two good directions to lead how people will see you.

blue ball gown

Blue is the recommended color when going for job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. So, it gives a better impression to the employer. Tiffany blue is gaining popularity in the fashion industry and what we love about blue is that you’ve got different shades to play with depending on your makeup, accessories or personality. Light blue dresses give a light and dreamy impression. Dark blues give a mature look and calm temperament. Now, the choice is up to you. Are you daring enough and confident enough to pull off a red dress or would you rather wear a blue ball gown and get a good impression?


Long Ball Gowns

Long ball gowns are traditional and in my opinion, should stay that way. There are a lot of short ball gown dress designs today that it lowers the “classiness” of a ball gown. Ball gowns are meant to be used for formal events. It’s a traditional dress design that managed to find place in our modern fashion sense. A lot of changes have been made to ball gown designs but making it short is one that just doesn’t appeal to me in any way.

The ball gown design is a remnant from the old-world. It’s very sophisticated and high-end in terms of style and overall design. Tweaking the design to make it more appropriate or wearable in our times is acceptable. Changes like making it into sleeveless designs, backless, off-shoulder and so on, are okay. They still have this classy, high-end look. But making it shorter than floor length is just ruining a perfectly great design.

long ball gowns

Designs for long ball gowns

The reason I stand firm with wearing long ball gowns is that it’s suitable for formal events. The short ball gown designs are more fitting in clubs and casual parties. Another thing is that, it may look cute on a child because it looks adorable but on an adult woman, it just looks trashy.

sequined long ball gown

If you’re going to a formal event and have chosen to wear a ball gown, make sure it’s a long ball gown. That way, you can maintain a respectable look. It also portrays maturity so choose well on what to wear to formal events. When attending formal occasions, respect the event and show up wearing the appropriate dress code. Whether it’s a white tie event or a black tie event, ball gowns are perfect for either. Long ball gowns are acceptable in both types of formal events.

Black Ball Gowns

Black ball gowns are like staples in formal events. A black dress is a color that is always welcome in formal events. It’s a classy and traditional color to go for when attending a formal event and you only have to think twice about it if the event you’re attending is a wedding. It just might send the wrong message. On a brighter note, it’s a fail-proof color for most formal events.

It also makes choosing accessories and shoes a lot easier when you’re wearing a black ball gown. When you wear a purple dress, it can be a challenge to accessorize without looking like a colorful spectacle. But with black, stick to the basics and the classic pieces and you’re all set. Thing is, if you don’t want to be the usual classy, black ball gown with pearl accessories, you can give a black ball gown a little bit more personality with a few tips.

black ball gowns

Black ball gowns and accessories

Break the black monotone by using bolder accessories. Let’s leave the makeup out of the “colorful” tirade and keep it natural. When you want to add a little spunk to your black dress, do so by wearing shoes and accessories that are bold and contrary to black. Notice that a lot of shoe designs nowadays have colorful outsoles. Luboutin is well known for their red soles and it adds that extra punch of their killer shoe designs!

one shoulder black ball gown

Do the same by choosing colorful pumps or unique styled stilettos. Be extraordinary by choosing bold colors like yellow, teal, red or purple. You can match the outsole color to other accessories like a necklace pendant, hair clip, brooch or bracelet. This way, it still creates a look that is cohesive and has a unified overall look. Make black ball gowns more interesting with these tips!

Black and White Ball Gowns

If you’re unsure what to wear to a formal event, black and white ball gowns are no-brainers. They’re safe choices. The colors are natural for formal events and you won’t look out of place. They’re classic colors for formal occasions so you definitely can’t go wrong with them. This is the reason why every fashion guru recommends that a woman’s wardrobe should always have something black and white.

Opting for a black and white dress for a ball or any other formal event is definitely a safe choice. It’s not a bold color like red, which requires a certain attitude and boldness to wearing it. It’s not an attractive color like purple or emerald green. Your decision to go for black and white will not make you stand out, but at least it won’t make you stick out like a sore thumb.

Black and White Ball Gowns

Looking fabulous in black and white gowns

If you’re set upon wearing a black and white gown not because you’re out of options but simply because you want to, then you obviously have more control with the situation. You can rock a black and white dress even when it’s a common color used in formal events. Because the dress color is common, you should choose a dress design and style that will awe the guests. If you choose the right style of dress that complements your body, you will definitely get the right kind of attention.

black and white masquerade ball gowns

As for accessories, hair and makeup; put as much effort on all these elements to make your overall look superb! Because it’s a formal event, don’t wear trashy accessories. Use minimal jewelry and stick to classy pieces like pearl necklace and earrings. Take a small pouch for your money, phone and a lipstick. As for hairstyles and makeup that will match black and white ball gowns, go classy on both.

Princess Prom Dresses

Princess prom dresses are popular choices for teenage girls. A princess style dress is basically a dress that has vertical seams extended from shoulder to hem. It’s a variation of the A-line dress style so to understand how a princess style looks like; you have to grasp how an A-line looks like. They are very similar so it can be challenging to pin point one from the other.

An A-line dress style has a tight bodice and then flares outward at the bottom of the dress or skirt. It’s named as such because the outline looks like a letter A. The bottom of the bust area down until the hem line progresses smoothly. It’s a classic style and very versatile because it can be worn both for formal and casual events.

beautiful princess prom dress

How to choose princess prom dresses

Because a princess style dress is a more dramatic version of the A line cut. The style basically highlights the bodice portion of the dress. This is why it’s important to note the linear lines that princess style dress has. Seaming and paneling begin from the neckline of the dress down until the hem line. It produces a slimming effect because the panels draw the observer’s eyes lengthwise.

princess style prom dress

If you want to have a prom dress in this style, you can choose designs made from fabrics like Charmeuse silk, stain or peau de soie, another type of silk. You need to pick fabrics that have the ability to flow softly and you can opt for dresses decorated with beads or with a lace cover up. Because the A-line style works very well in most body types, a princess style dress can do the same. It’s popular because it’s appealing and can benefit women by making a long linear look for short women and can hide larger lower bodies for pear and apple shaped women. These are also the reasons why princess prom dresses are popular among teenage girls.


Elegant Ball Gowns

Wearing elegant ball gowns entail a certain level of class. No matter how beautiful or expensive a dress is, the way the person wears it will still be the biggest factor in making the dress look elegant. You don’t achieve elegance by simply wearing a beautiful ball gown or wearing a 2 million dollar diamond necklace. Elegance is synonymous to class, and class is achieved by knowing how to act appropriately.

When you’re shopping for a dress, you have to consider a lot of things; the style of dress, the color of the dress, the type of event you’re attending, the accessories to pair it with and so on. Most of the time, we forget that the perfect accessory to blend with a beautiful outfit is the right attitude. A woman wearing a corset top, leather pants and stilettos won’t look much of femme fatale if she has a timid posture and a lack of strong facial expression. We can dress up but we can never fake our personalities.

elegant ball gown design

Wear elegant ball gowns with style

As mentioned earlier, every outfit comes with a certain character. This is why it’s advisable to buy clothes that suit your personality. When you buy something that’s not your style, it really shows and a good outfit can look very bad. This is also applicable with ball gowns. No matter how elegant-looking a dress can be, if you attend the party walking without grace and poise, you ruin a perfect dress.

black elegant ball gown

There’s a proper way of walking, talking and acting when you’re in a formal event. While it may sound a little restraining to some, it’s a matter of being appropriate that’s important. When you’re wearing formal wear, it also affects the way you move. Wear elegant ball gowns successfully by pairing it with proper manners and a formal decorum.

Beautiful Ball Gowns

Attending a ball this season and looking for beautiful ball gowns? We’re here to provide tips on ensuring you look gorgeous on the event without the stress of overspending or wearing the wrong dress for your body. There are a lot of ways to make a mistake when shopping for clothes. Settling for a bad dress just because it’s on sale or picking a color you don’t like because it’s the only size available for you are some of those bad decisions we make when shopping for an important event.

So, to avoid these problems, we’ve made a list for you to help keep you mind set on the right dress for the ball.

Beautiful white ball gown design

Shopping tips for beautiful ball gowns

Begin by setting a budget. Be realistic about it. Don’t try on something that’s too expensive, you’ll end up broke and unhappy about paying for it. Second, find your personal style. Think about the style that suits your personality. Are you trendy, classic, girly, romantic, etc.? Your choice of dress style will speak volumes about you so don’t force a dress on you when you feel uncomfortable about it.

beautiful ball gowns

Another helpful tip is to do your research. Check out magazines and see what’s trendy and who’s wearing what. You won’t be able to afford celebrity gowns but you’ll get ideas on dress styles that are fashionable. Next, work with your figure. Find out your body type and pick dresses that will complement it. If you’re unsure and would rather be safe, empire dresses or A-line dresses look great on everyone! But don’t make a mistake about choosing the right color. Choose colors that will make your skin glow or complement your complexion. Always start looking early so you don’t settle for something less than your standards. This will also give you enough time to make alterations or to buy accessories that will match your beautiful ball gowns.